need help with a model

Hi Brooke
I wonder if you could help me work through this model so I can get to a changed thought and result.
The circumstance is that I am noticing a pattern lately where friends contact me to get together and I have put on about 25 lbs in the past few months so I am putting off seeing them until late September when I feel I will be at least be down a few pounds. My models don’t seem to be working out. My Results don’t provide evidence for the thought. Here are a few models I’ve tried. (these are my very first attempts at models, I am new here, just a week or so into it). focus is on weight loss. read the 101 book and listened to the weight loss videos and working my way through that course.
C – invitation to be with friends
T – I don’t want them to see me at this weight
F – ashamed
A- postpone visits with friends
R – loss of connection with friends
I don’t see how this result proves the original thought
But here is the new thought model
C – same
T – I love being with my friends
F- excited to see friend
A – accept invite
R – connect with friend
I do see how in this model the result is evidence of the original thought

C- invitation to be with friends
T – I am a failure because I’ve gained weight (AGAIN)
F – Ashamed, embarrassed
A – put meeting off until I’ve slimmed down
R – loss of connection with friends
Again here, I don’t see the evidence of the result in the thought.. I am wondering if the circumstance in this one might be different. Could the circumstance here be that I have gained weight? Could it be that this is what I am dealing with rather than the putting off of the invitations.
Any insight you can provide would be so helpful