Need help with intentional thought

My home office, which is my only office, has been increasingly messy for years. I don’t like spending time in it and I spend many hours a week in it. The chaos stresses me out and causes me to waste time in confusion and looking for things. I would be grateful for help with an intentional thought.
Unintentional Model:
C: My home office
T: My office is a mess.
F: Stressed
A: I procrastinate a lot, I often jump from thing to thing without focus, I spend a lot of time in confusion about what to do next, I don’t file paperwork regularly, I employ stopgap measures like taking all the papers on my desk and putting them in a box but then not filing them, I get panicked when I can’t find something and I waste time looking for papers
R: My office gets even messier over time and it impacts my productively and earnings

Intentional Model:
C: My home office
T: I am capable of getting my office organized and keeping it that way.
F: Competent
A: Identify my compelling reason to clean my office and create systems to keep it clean, write out all the obstacles, come up with strategies to address all the obstacles, make a firm commitment to doing this and take massive action
R: I have an organized, beautiful home office that supports my productivity

Wow! At first I couldn’t come up with an intentional thought that worked, but when I went to the feeling I want to have about my office, I was able to back into the thought. Yay!

Thank you so much for the gift of this program!