Need help with my model

C: Friend shared that she got job X making Y money
T: Everybody is getting ahead of me
F: Dejected
A: Tell myself that my efforts don’t matter. Spinning thoughts. Mind is preoccupied with thoughts that don’t serve me, yet I want to indulge in them. Mind has no space for constructive/creative thoughts. Buffer.
R: ?

I think the result I would like to create is – ” I am happy where I am and I aspire to do more”
C: Same
T: I have this thought – “Everybody is ahead of me” and that’s ok
F: acceptance
A: Tell myself this thinking is normal. Find better thoughts to believe and practice.
R: I am happy where I am and I aspire to do more

This also reminds me that before SCS and thought work, I used to compare myself with someone like Mark Zuckerberg being a billionaire at 30 means I have failed. This thought just led me to buffer and didn’t help me with my goals.
This situation is similar, except that my friend isn’t Mark Zuckerberg.

What are some intentional thoughts to practice to shift your focus away from comparing yourself with others?