Need help with this model – clutter

I’ve asked myself this question: why do I let mail/bills pile up or clutter to pile up of paper when it bothers me. Like my desk is a mess I can’t even work on it yet I do zoom calls on it and I move it over to clear space. Saying this week I’m going to take care of this and file but don’t. Eventually, I do but in the mean time I have a pile of notebooks and papers that are getting out of hand and no space. Same goes for years of old photos and other clutter that I want to organize but never do.

I don’t know what is serving me here or what I’m avoiding . I know I can only know the thought that is driving this but I don’t know what it is. Can you give me some tips so I can do a model that does serve me so I can face the truth. I’ve asked myself what am I avoiding here? I don’t know. And I know that’s not “allowed” either but I know the feeling is anxious.