Need a new perspective

This morning, I woke up @ 4 AM as I do every Monday, Wed. and Friday, took a shower did my hair and went to the gym around 5 AM. Today, when I came out after my workout there was a bag attached to my car,with a bizarre note and deodorant.The note was from a printer, so who ever did this appearantly had been watching me and my car and had put thought into this and they also knew my workout schedule.I got really scared. First, there aren’t that many women in my gym @ 5AM ,actually there are very few people at the gym and certainly no one has been close enough to smell me. My thoughts turned to someone is watching me and what are they going to do next?

C weird note and deorderant
T someone is watching me
F victimized
A go to a new gym or use the gym where I live.
R safety

Maybe, I am over reacting.
Thank you!