Need R line help for Model on feeling overwhelmed about life

C: My life
T: I don’t know where to start because I have too much going on.
F: Overwhelmed
A: I buffer to avoid dealing with where to start; I beat myself up for not just starting somewhere; I ruminate; I shame myself for not taking action and staying in my head. I’m not coaching myself; I’m not remembering my thoughts are creating my results and that I could get a better result if I picked a thought that would compel me to take action to move me toward what I want; I’m not calming my nervous system first so I can access my creativity and problem-solving brain. I’m not helping my brain shift out of panic and fear and into a calmer, more useful state.
R: I create more feelings of overwhelm and not knowing where to start.

I think I’m struggling with the A-line and the R line.

Thanks so much for your help.