Need support

I started a new fitness regime working with a personal trainer 3 times a week weightlifting and we worked out an eating plan. Its been difficult eliminating sugar and flour, bit i’ve stuck with it for the past 3 weeks and im down 7 lbs! Anyway, my husband said he was going to do this with me because we both wanted to get healthier and be better healthier role models for our kids! And it would be easier to do together. But since then he still hasnt started. Keeps coming up with excuses. And i swear is eating worse than ever. Im pissed. Im proud of my results and discipline but i am resentful of him. And im acting that way. And he acts like he has no idea why, while he’s munching on cookies and pizza, drinking soda, wine and beer. I find his actions sooooo unattractive. I think he is being lazy, immature and undisciplined and unsupportive. His actions are not aligned with his words. He doesn’t stick to what he says he will do. I also feel like I’m putting in all of the hard work and he gets a hot wife. Meanwhile, I get an overweight husband. It doesnt seem fair. I know these are my thoughts, but i am so in them, i can’t find different thoughts to think. Please help! I’m also afraid that i’ll let his lack of commitment to a healthier lifestyle bring me down. Because its hard doing it alone.