Need to come up with a new thought that I believe—

I’m feel lonely. Divorced mom 3 Kids keep me busy but I would love to have a companion. The” one that got away” from Highschool and college connects via phone and Skype every now and again recently calls. After a year. I instantly feel like a teenager again. I’m happy he calls and seems interested. He never forgets special occasions and always sends a text, but this time it was more—wanting to talk, skype, interested in my life, but then it stops after 2 weeks. I can’t help to think that maybe I wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, whatever. He always seemed interested and seemed to enjoy ouR conversations. Even admitted to some unresolved feelings for me from a long time ago…I can’t stop thinking what did I do wrong. I need to change the T- I’m not good enough or what’s wrong with me to something that I believe. But I can’t???

Thanks SG