Need to find Compassion

I want to say, first all of, that I totally get that what is happening in the world is unprecedented. And I am doing everything I am supposed to do. I’m staying home, not seeing people and basically, hanging out with my cats. And the the truth is, I am not finding this to be all that bad right now. Now, I don’t have kids and I’m used to spending time alone, so this just doesn’t feel all that weird to me. I also believe that there are doctors and scientists working so hard for us 24/7 and I truly believe we are going to come out of this whole thing better humans and better occupants of the world. And maybe I’m an optimist, but I don’t believe it’s going to be as long as some are predicting. I know that belief is not a common one. The reason I know that is that my entire friend group is on meltdown. I am on a group text chain where some of them are just rehashing the bad news of the day while others chime in with worse news. And if I say something even moderately positive or grateful, I’m presented with stats to disprove me. And then, this morning I got an email from a friend who wants to get on a group Zoom call so we can all talk about our “despair.” I politely declined but the truth is, I’m very frustrated and judgmental. I get very eye-rolly and I start thinking they are wallowing. Not proud of that thought, but here we are. So:

C: Received group email about getting on a Zoom call to share despair.
T: Gimme a break, they are really milking this thing!
F: Judgmental
A: Roll my eyes, think about how much healthier I am, OBVIOUSLY.
R: I feel like an insensitive heel.

C: Received an email about getting on Zoom call to share despair.
T: This is a terrible idea! They’re just going to make each other feel worse!
F: Frustration
A: Talk to my cats about how ridiculous my friends are, text other people to get validation that I’m in the right here.
R: I feel like a shitty friend/human.

C: Received an email to get on a group Zoom call to share despair
T: I guess people need different levels of connection
F: Neutral
A: Decline the invitation and let it go.
R: I go about my day without drama.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.