Need To Keep It Simple

Hi Brooke
Do you ever just over think a situation?…I believe in keeping things simple, but, I tend to make things complicated…(drama as a diversion)…Anyways I have a model that I have been working on and am struggling with the intentional model or a way to bridge to a thought…
C Marriage
T I am safe if I’m married/If I’m married my husband won’t leave me/I don’t want my husband to cheat on me (these are 3 separate thoughts but they have the same result)
F Helpless (because I can’t control this)
A Act needy and annoying
R I push him away

I am a strong woman…I have worked hard to get where I am, so I know I can deal (or move on from) anything that life sends me…So it is driving me a little crazy with these thoughts in this model…I know I can’t control it, I know if anything happened that I would be ok, and I know these are just thoughts and they definitely do not serve me…I really love and have been learning how to enjoy my husband and am trying to throw out my manual for him…I am just looking for a bridge thought:

C Marriage/Life
T I want to be ok with “my husband is an individual who needs to focus on himself so we can work together”
F At peace
A appreciate what I have in my marriage
R Support each other in learning and growing

So then I think that I don’t believe this thought because I am scared if he does his own thing he will chose to not want to be with me which means that I must have a reason that I don’t want to be with me???? That I would believe that he would be right in not wanting to be with me? The funny thing is my husband has seen EVERYTHING and could have left any number of times…lol…any insight would be really appreciated.