Needing Clarity?

I created a wellness collective group a few months ago that includes 14 wellness practitioners in my town.

It was all my idea, and I invested money in creating a website for the group, among other things.

So far, it has not really done much. We are all independent solo practitioners. And all busy with our own businesses.

We meet about every two months to talk and brainstorm ideas.

But really, it’s me who’s doing the work (posting on social media, blogging, coming up with ideas, etc).

I know that I am not clear about where I want to take the group. At this very moment, I kind of wish I didn’t start it at all. So there’s regret, and resentment and all of the indulgent emotions.

We are meeting early next week and I want to have more clarity around it.

How should I go about finding this clarity when all I want to do is hide and pretend like it doesn’t exist at all?

Thank you for your wisdom!