Needing more 1:1 coaching for binge eating

Hi Brooke,
I am looking for some more 1:1 coaching to help me work through my relationship with food which sometimes manifests itself in binge eating. I have found some amazing podcasts from other coaches in your network that have really helped and because of that I am interested in hiring them However, when I reached out to one she said she unfortunately would be unable to work with me until 6 months after I completed your program.

I’ve poured through your weight loss program that is available to me now and found the information incredibly helpful but am looking to dive deeper with someone on getting my binge eating under control before I attempt to loose weight since currently they often go hand in hand. Do you have any recommendations on how I can get the most out of the life coach school to work with someone directly? I don’t want to “quit” the program but I also want to make sure I am allocating my $$ wisely towards the coaching resource that will provide me the fastest and most positive results.

Thank you for all that you do!