Needing to Chill Out

I’m a hairstylist and I’ve noticed lately that this is my zone of genius. The crazy thing about it is that whenever I decide I don’t want to do it anymore or I mess up or get a complaint, I think I should quit and to do something else. Obviously when I make mistakes I make them mean I’m a terrible hairstylist which is my brain trying to keep my safe and not go for it in my career.

The latest thing that happened was that I wasn’t booked much last week but I decided to take that time to reflect. What came up for me is that I should take over the social media duties at work; for free. I really enjoy marketing and thinking up ideas to get our salon busy but don’t do it for myself. I got really excited about it and had a coaching session on it which I’m so glad I did. I was told that I need to be more confident in asking to be paid because I believe in my marketing strategies so much. This was awesome feedback because it made me think that I really need to value my efforts and what I would be providing the salon.

With my newfound confidence I started to get organized to have this meeting with my boss; in the meantime I was doing hair like usual thinking in my head, I won’t be doing this as much anymore so no big deal and went about my next couple days. What I found through “just doing hair like usual” I was really on my game and just killing it! This is unusual for me because I always put so much pressure on myself to be perfect that I get in my head and mess up. It’s like I’m afraid of success or something.

How do I just “keep doing hair” while marketing myself and or getting the confidence to ask to get paid to do social media for the shop when I haven’t yet proved it to myself?? I want our entire shop to be succeed because our team is strong and I see huge potential for us but I need to keep in my brain that I am a great stylist as well.

How do I take the pressure off and just chill??? My zone of genius is definitely in the business I’m already in and want to keep moving forward and getting better without getting in my head and inadvertently “messing up”.