Negative Emotions

I was reviewing my October goals where I only hit 50% of my targets and had a realization. I take action only when I feel good, the days where I am feeling bad I just buffer showing the 50/50 in action. I did a thought down load and the thought that showed up was “it’s too hard, I can’t do it”. Ran my models on them but then I realized my C line is not neutral for me. I originally had hard days in the C line which is a thought, so tried negative emotions. 2 questions-How do I get to where the C line is neutral and what are some bridge thoughts for my intentional model?

C-Negative Emotions
T-Its too hard, I can’t do it
A-Buffer, spin, do nothing
R-Nothing gets done

I-Negative Emotions
A-Do what I say I will do, Ask future self, Allow and be open to all the feelings
R-Accomplish 100% of my goals