Negative emotions about work

I finally committed to giving up flour/sugar/alcohol and have been successful for the last week. I am already down 2 pounds. I love how I feel, I have energy etc. However, I have been really angry about work and a lot of negative thoughts that I thought I was over have resurfaced. All of these thoughts are complaints that have evolved over the past few years and they have been popping up over the past week with avengance. I am not mad about not eating these foods, I really don’t have desire to eat flour/sugar or drink alcohol and if I do get an urge it’s a mild suggestion that goes away almost instantly.

My concern, because we are talking about something so serious (my career), is that I can’t discern if I am projecting what few thoughts of frustration I do have about not eating flour/sugar and drinking alcohol on my job or is it real? Are my negative thoughts about work real and have just been successfully masked by buffering with food/drink? Or is it projected/diverted anger?

I may be over thinking this, but wanted to double check since this is a matter of quitting my job or not.