Negative emotions

I kind of had an epiphany today. I’ve pondering the idea of choosing negative emotions to feel and choosing which to not indulge in the last few days (since reading the Nov. workbook). When planning my week out I think thoughts like “I have to get everything done right now, but I can’t and that’s horrible” that causes me to feel overwhelm which I then indulge in and buffer (and create the result that I don’t get anything done). I’ve tried to change my thoughts so that I feel positive about planning my week, but then I realized I don’t have to try and feel happy about planning my week. I can feel DISCOMFORT about planning my week. In fact I’d rather feel discomfort rather than overwhelm because when I feel overwhelm I indulge and buffer, but when I feel discomfort (and I mean feel it, not try to avoid it) I just keep moving forward. The thought that causes me to feel discomfort when planning my week is “I want to get everything done, but I know I need to prioritize and say no to the unimportant”. It makes me uncomfortable to not get everything done but when I think that thought and feel discomfort, accept the discomfort, I just move on and continue planning (and create the result that I can prioritize and say no to the unimportant). Sooooooo much better than indulging in overwhelm. So grateful that you teach us this subject!