Negative energy

Hi Brooke
Yesterday my 1 hour commute to work took over 3 due to a snowstorm we had in the northeast. I work for an ABC affiliate & our GM is a tyrant about everyone (including commission only salespeople like me and btw I’ve already made budget for the month) coming in the office. I can’t even describe the negative texts, calls and energy that was in the air around me yesterday and although my dominant feeling I vowed to be “understanding” I cannot understand his reason for this (although I have a hunch its distrust). My question is I kept trying to do the model and with 3 hours I had plenty of time in my head. When my T line was “Ron doesn’t trust me (us) what would be a good T? I was thinking “I’m a good salesperson” but that doesn’t help me not have negativity around the situation. I may need to be coached on this but may have to arrange to be in my car next week to do so. Thanks for any help on this!