Negative feedback at work


I’d love some help dealing with negative feedback I just received at work. I work at a hospital with resident physicians; I’m an attending doctor. I don’t receive much feedback in my job but when I do, it always seems to be negative. I think in general, most people don’t give any feedback unless they have something to complain about so it’s not surprising.

I was told that the residents complained because I take too long to round on patients with them. When I received this feedback, my brain immediately thought ‘the residents hate me and I’m a terrible doctor.’ I know this is not completely true but it feels so true.

When I am working at the hospital, I put so much time, energy and heart into my job that it’s hard to hear criticism. I don’t know how to not take it personally. I have to continue working with the residents this week and feel so hurt, a little ashamed, tearful and a little angry/resentful.

However, when I push myself to think logically, I know I should use the feedback to improve and work better as a team. That said, all I want to do is quit working on the resident team and just work by myself – the residents can learn from someone else.

I’d love your thoughts on how to process this. Thanks