Negative feelings are wrong

I have found that I have a belief that having negative emotions makes me feel “less than.” I want to accept that I am a human being having a human experience when I have negative emotions, and continue taking inspired actions that serve me anyway, in spite of this. Similarly, I have found that I believe that if anything I do does not work out, I make it mean that I am “less than” or even worthless. No wonder I do not accept what it is that I really want and take consistent action in support of it! Are there better thoughts to think to accept the human experience of emotions?

It just occurred to me after writing this out that for a long time, I subconsciously thought it made me a “superior” human to think that I did not have to have the emotions everyone else had, I could just “logic” (rationalize!) may way through them. This has backfired, as it has stopped me from making progress in support of what I really want, or really experiencing what makes life special to begin with. I thought that suppressing my emotions made me more effective, but I am guessing the opposite is true?

I guess I am just looking for input on a more productive way to look at the experience of having emotions, and accepting that it is OK to actually admit that I have them, and to allow them as a part of my human experience.