negative intentional model

Holy Cow Brooke! I feel like I just had the biggest aha moment. I have heard you say that discomfort is the currency to our dreams a million times, but I think it finally clicked just now. I was doing the thought download portion of my homework about how my weight has stalled and I have not been able to come up with a new compelling reason to get it going again. I realized that I have been “allowing” negative feelings only for a few short minutes before I’ve been moving right into trying to find an intentional model to change the thoughts that are creating that negative feeling and will get me the result I want. That is why I have not been able to find a new thought that works. It is the wrong currency!!!!!! All of these new “positive” thoughts are actually coming from a place of scarcity because the underlying intent has been to push away the discomfort. Discomfort is the required currency! So I put discomfort in my INTENTIONAL model. I think I finally get what you’ve been trying to say. I have to choose the discomfort intentionally, right? I cannot get to the good place I want to go by stomping down the parts of me that are negative. It’s like a symphony. The dark, emotional parts are necessary to make the piece beautiful. Without them, it would not be a masterpiece.

C: weight stalled
T: I’ve got to find a thought that works
F: fear
A: temporarily follow protocol from scarcity mindset
R: thoughts do not work to keep me motivated, weight stalled

C: stalled weight
T: like it or not, the only way around is through
F: discomfort
A: allow discomfort (instead of trying to model it away or eating it away)
R: get through the discomfort and the stall

I just want to check with you to make sure I’m thinking straight. Sometimes the right course of action is to put the negative feeling in the intentional model and choose to go with it instead of trying to come up with a better feeling to create the desired result. Yes?