Negative mental space, next steps

I am falling into a very negative mental space.
Here are my negative thoughts:
I have recently been rejected by a lover.
He has started a new life that does not include me.
He is rejecting me because of my flaws.
I have a flaw of being too short with people sometimes and he hates it. I don’t mean to be rude but I appear to be rude. Usually I apologize but not always.
I have a flaw of being insecure and needy. Especially now LOL.
Sometimes I don’t have much to say and I am boring.
I wore ugly pajamas.
I was quite heavy most of the time.
I am remembering all my flaws.
I feel like I have no personality.

so I suppose all of this is indulgent thinking.
but its the only stuff that feels true right now.
Are these thought downloads?
Am I suppose to help myself with each of these thoughts?
please help-what are my next steps