Negative month

I recently signed up for LCS cert which I knew was going to be an investment in my business. I felt good about it at the time but I got my report from my bookkeeper for October and we did negative a few hundred dollars. I have more than enough in the business and my personal account to cover this expense and had planned on using some money from my savings to cover the cost if necessary. However seeing those numbers brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings.

Thought download
I shouldn’t have spent that much money on my certification
I might need to cut hours of my team
I spent too much money over the summer renting an extra place
I shouldn’t have been going out to eat and spending so much all summer
I had some big 20k months but who knows if I’ll have those again and I should have saved more
My last launch didn’t do that well and this next one probably won’t either

C: made a negative amount of money in October
T: I shouldn’t have bought LCS cert
F: shame
A: buffer by eating/shopping, skip workout, write into AAC
R: feel bad while doing LCS cert