Negative-outlook of Overstepping Mother

My dear Mom cannot help but give her opinion on my life and my actions (I’m in my 50’s). How can I let her have her opinion but disagree with confidence? Here’s an example from today:

C: Mom says “according to the news we could be having a WW3, and I should 1- read up on bad times of WW2, and secondly- that I should save all money (although I have plenty) and not make any big purchases (like a car or house)”.
T: Here we go, I should not have even mentioned a day dream of a potential purchase.
F: Mad at myself for oversharing, knowing she would wake up freaking out over my shared dreams/ideas, and risks therein, given political climate.
A: Told her I was just day dreaming, so to end the conversation.
R: Disappointed I can’t be myself by sharing ideas with my Mom (who I am close to) because I know she thinks I should always do what she would do.

I am guessing I should change my thinking to something allows my desire to say what I want and stand by it, and not be brought down by negative outlooks of Mom?