Negative work environment

I absolutely love the topic of Purpose this month and really needed to hear that my job isn’t my purpose and actually doesn’t have to have anything to do with my purpose. This is a big deal to me as I am struggling with feeling like my work place is holding me back. I then ask myself, what do I think my job is holding me back from and I realize I think it’s the people I am surrounded by at work that hold me back.

I am in a small office of 7 people who often complain about work and talk about their personal problems. I find myself constantly trying to tune them out and do my own work and stay positive in my own mind so that they don’t bring me down with them. When other people come in the office they either comment on the negative energy, or join in and “fuel the fire” so to speak. The issue is, by the time I get home at 6 o’clock, I feel mentally drained.

This is what I think is holding me back from my purpose. I spend 40 hours a week in a negative environment, trying to stay positive. By the time I get home, it takes me awhile to shake off all the negativity and turn my thinking to dreaming and envisioning my future / my purpose.
I am a very empathetic and emotional person who feels everything very deeply as if it were really happening to me. I have gotten much better about controlling my emotions and thoughts, but it is also very hard for me to be in an environment that is so negative and not feel that as well.

I know I need to work from the “inside out” as Brooke says, and not quit my job (outside in) – but how do I stop thinking my job is holding me back/draining me so I have no time for positive thoughts? What questions, or what thought work should I be working on to help me not feel so drained when I get home and want to work on myself and my purpose?

I hope this makes sense…thank you for any feedback!