His Negativity is going to kill me!

Hi Brooke, I’m so enjoying SCS and have studied you far beyond joining. I’m so glad I did. I am working your model on a daily basis, several times a day! So, here it is, my husband of 17 years (been together 23 years), is the most negative, the most critical, the most antagonistical (spelling?) person I have ever met. It’s getting worse by the year. I feel that I have changed so much in the past 5 years and when he starts criticizing me or my kids, before I would jump down his throat with defense, but now I just let him talk and do not respond, but I’m boiling inside. He calls names, criticizes me. I’m this and I’m that (not nice things) and my kids are morons, or idiots, etc. My kids are daughter 24 and Son 29, both out of my house. My kids and I have a great relationship and I believe that he might be jealous. With all that said and done, I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to be around him, I don’t want to make love to him, I don’t want to acknowledge him when he’s doing this. It’s just that it’s getting to me so much and I can’t do the model around him fast enough!!! LOL
I would love to hear some suggestions. I don’t know how much more I can take! There’s lot’s more to this story, but this is really the crux of it all. Thanks so much! I’m so happy to be a part of this group! xoxo