Neighbor building shenanigans – help with model?

My neighbor is building (her young adult son has plywood and cement blocks amok) a weird wood cage for a car that spills out to an un-permitted driveway that pours out onto three streets. It is an eyesore but not enough in my way for me to call and complain. I’m pulled by this drama because I’m home and nervously trying to tackle scholars’ good thoughts.

Unintentional Model

C Neighbor building something
T That looks like dangerous hillbilly crap!
F My neighborhood is less than pristine
A Judgey, try not to be nosey out the window, try to not engage others about it, exhausted trying to mind my own business, say loving words to my anxiety looking for a problem
R Judging self for being judging, plot to move

Intentional Model

C Neighbor building something
T I love my house and neighborhood
F Blessed, grateful for my home
A Havening, self care, take a bath, don’t talk about or look out window- restrain
R Relief I can let go, not confront them, restrain of pen and tongue, this is progress from other neighbor I griped at, baby steps, this is anxiety and I’m safe with awesome resiliency skills 🙂