Nervous ticks

Dear coaches,

I need some help on the topic of restlessness and how to allow it rather than resist it.
I am currently resisting it and this is encouraging my habit of nervous ticks.

Circumstance: urge to eat or drink out of plan
Thought: I mustn’t react to this urge, I want to eliminate buffering from my life
Feeling: restlessness
Action: nervous ticks (biting my fingers, plucking at my hair, cracking my jaw)
Result: fingers are chewed, hair is plucked out, jaw is tense. And I am no more advanced in my buffer elimination work

Also, this model sometimes follows:

C: chewed fingers, plucked out hair, tense jaw
T: It relieves me to indulge in these ticks, it’s all I have left since I can no longer buffer with food or alcohol
F: entitlement
A: continue the nervous tick habits
R: habits are more deep-rooted than before

I work myself out of the first model by choosing not to beat myself up for the nervous ticks and trying to do better next time, but this in itself feels indulgent.

As for the 2nd model, the best alternative thought I can come up with is:
I’m curious to see what feeling comes up if I don’t give in to my nervous tick urges and allow the feeling instead.
The trouble is that the feeling is then Restlessness, and I am on a loop backwards and forward from Restlessness to Entitlement

Thank you!