I felt very identified with a question someone else asked about being a people pleaser and feeling weak as a manager sometimes. She mentioned being constantly worried about what others think of her. This happens to me too, so much sometimes it feels unconscious. One of the things you suggested was for her to practice thinking that anything we say or do is someone else’s C line and they take it from there.

Something very interesting that happens to me is I feel very confident and calm when it comes to speaking to my team, coaching them or giving them any kind of performance feedback. However, when it comes to meeting with the rest of the managers in the company, if I need to get my point of view presented, I find myself constantly going in circles, nervous and don’t end up expressing myself properly. Is like an anxiety shows up, I get shaky, my lips get dry and my cheeks get super red.

Do you have any tips I can practice for public speaking? I wish I could present any topic without hesitation. Practice is the mother of skill, so I don’t want to shy away from the opportunities to put myself out there.