Net worth and scarcity mindset

I am transitioning from corporate clients to coaching in my business. My enrollment has doubled since April, but I am not breaking even yet. I plan to stick with the transition to coaching for one year like you recommend: same niche and 1:1 coaching. Here are some models:

C: family net worth 1.6 M
T: yes, we have net worth, but I want to contribute more to monthly cash flow more by earning a paycheck from my business
F: Guilt over not contributing to family monthly cash flow
A: say I can’t afford things I want. I never said this before when corporate clients were paying me retainers.
R: My words of not affording things contributes to lack and scarcity despite my net worth

C: net worth 1.6 M
T: I think I have a scarcity mindset around money despite my circumstances.
F: guilty
A: I watch every penny I spend
R: I act and think scarcity. I have limited clients.

C: net worth 1.6 M
T: we are the millionaires next door!
F: proud
A: careful actions around money
R: continue to build our net worth with earning money other ways through investments

C: monthly cash flow reduced from 8K to 6K per month in 2016
T: I am the reason the cash flow has dropped and our family can’t do fun things with ease
F: guilty
A: dwell and spin and get in a thought loop
R: my thoughts are the reason I dwell and spin and get in a loop

C: monthly cash flow reduced from 8K to 6K in 2016
T: I still want new carpet and countertops
F: guilty for wanting these things even when I”m not contributing to cash flow
A: think about what I want but can’t afford
R: I don’t act like I can afford things because of my guilt over cash flow

I’d appreciate any insights or ways I can improve my models.