Netflix show Virgin River

I have watched the Netflix show Virgin River 2-and-a-half times through now; the 3rd season just came out, and I have been “hoarding” the episodes, by just watching the same one several nights in a row so I don’t run out of them. For some reason, I find it very comforting, and my day doesn’t feel right ending it without it.

However, I judge this as obsessive and weird in myself, especially when I have so many important things I could be doing with that time (or at the very least, watching a new show, instead). Does it matter why we do buffering? Should we spend time investigating the “why” behind a particular buffering action?

I tried putting this in a model as follows:
C: I watch the same Virgin River content repeatedly.
T: This is the one part of my life I enjoy unequivocally.
F: Concerned
A: Watch Virgin River from 10 PM – midnight, drink tea while watching since it is my “guilty pleasure” time, caffeine keeps me up and I read on my phone afterwards until 2 AM , I also overeat while watching it, again, since this is the one time in the day I allow myself to not follow a strict expectation on behavior, look forward to “tuning” out from life the next time I have a chance to watch Netflix
R: I only allow one part of my life to be enjoyable (?)

Related model:
C: I notice a desire to watch Virgin River again.
T: This is the only activity that brings me happiness.
F: Depressed
A: Watch Virgin River repeatedly; think about how hard other activities would be to do. Make a rule that I can’t watch Virgin River if it’s light outside. Use filler activities (e.g., online shopping) to use up time during the day so it’s closer to watching Virgin River at night. Judge myself for wanting to watch Netflix. Ruminate on why I enjoy Virgin River so much. Spend time thinking about this problem instead of doing anything else. Look forward to watching Virgin River each night to mentally escape thoughts that haunt me on this and what’s possibly wrong with me / my life.
R: I do not nurture a belief that other activities can bring happiness.