Never enough

I work as an academic physician. I work part-time. I am constantly ruminating about new work projects and ideas and about what I should be doing – writing more, creating more etc. It leads to a lot of anxiety which defeats the whole purpose of me going part time in the first place (more time w family). I am trying to come up with thoughts that make help me believe that I’m doing enough.
C work
T I should be doing more
F anxiety
A ruminate on work things, buffer with phone and sometimes food, sometimes have trouble sleeping due to rumination, procrastinate on actual projects I am working on
R I continue to believe I need to be doing more; I get behind on what I really need to be doing (I.e. work already committed to)

C work
T ? I am a productive clinician educator ?
F capable, self-assured
A organize and calendar tasks related to current projects, don’t buffer with tangential literature searches, don’t ruminate so much, be more present at home
R I create the result I wanted from going part time

Thank you for the feedback!