Never say never – I am doing a marathon!

I never thought I would ever do another marathon. I gained a lot of weight due to a health issue, then I had a mental block in losing the weight. I just realized my block after doing models since the beginning of the year! It was totally clear and now I am experiencing so much freedom.

I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at 37, I had no children, so my doctors and I were pretty aggressive in trying to get me pregnant. I gained 50 pounds. When it was clear that I was not getting pregnant and the cancer was growing, I had to have a hysterectomy. I tried to lose the weight after, but remember thinking it was impossible and I should be comfortable with the way I am. Actually a friend said to me that maybe my body has a higher set point. (Which made sense to me at the time) So I thought there was no use in losing the weight, plus my husband showered me with love. I bought new clothes, tried to learn to become comfortable in my body, then joined SCS.

I started no sugar, no flour, no dairy… and the weight started to come off. I started IF, and more weight came off. My weight came off then stayed same them came off then stayed the same. I recently asked why I was not losing faster. The truth was that I would snack (albeit, with foods that were on protocol). I was doing 80% of my protocol.

So I stopped snacking, and started thinking and feeling. I realized that I was trying to lose the weight I had gained while undergoing cancer treatment because I wanted to have a baby. It was like a light bulb. I shared this with my husband. Now I am losing weight for me, not a baby, not for my husband – and he is still the greatest, he still showers me with love. In the past I would interpret this as I don’t need to lose weight, but now, I am motivated to stick with my protocol (plus, it really does free up some mental capacity!). I will still talk with Pat on my protocol as suggested. I have an appointment on Monday.

I also have been leading a marathon charity program over the past 6 years that offers a full and half race. The old me was resolved that my body was only equipped to do a half nowadays. I found myself really settling into a person I thought I was meant to be. (If that makes any sense)

After this realization, I am back to losing weight (I am not snacking). I will be at my goal weight by the end of the year and it seems so natural that my body can handle a marathon again. Never, did I think I would ever say that – I mean, I am still have doubtful thoughts but I am also recognizing those thoughts to be doubtful. Women that are 44 do marathons!

Brooke, what does a marathoner do when she loses the “baby” weight and frees up mental drama? She starts training for a marathon!