Nevermind on my last email- one word: wow

Hi Brooke,

Ok, I just wrote you a long email, but had not listened to the productivity podcast & fully worked through all the material. My bad.

1st: Your podcast made me cry. I was just praying for the ability to choose a different story than what I have told myself. I was ministering to myself about ending the the unhealthy family cycle (around my mom). I cant relive her story…. I’ve listened to many of your podcast, and never gotten emotional. But I felt there was such a beauty and vulnerability in your sharing on what made you proud of yourself. It hit home for me. Maybe it was the mom stuff, or generational stuff, or know the hard places i had to push through to even get here. Either way, I get it. And thank you.

Now that I actually took the time to sit with more content:

2. I have clarity around the work
3. I think this months topic is perfect for me
4. I know the plan & what I need to do
5. The “no excuses” section and “no rescheduling” rule will need to be a mindshift for me. So well done on demanding that. I literally said “wow” outloud when I was reading. That is a pretty big shift for me… Ok, I may have said “shit” out loud too. 🙂

So please read the previous email, so you know who i am, but I think I answered my own questions.

Thanks again,