New behaviors – old buffers

Hi Brooke,

I have been doing my thought downloads everyday and running models on thoughts. Recently my new thoughts have been compelling me to take action in the direction of achieving my dream of interacting in the world as someone who is bilingual. I have studied French for four years in university but it took me until this past year to change my identity around it “I am good at this, I am bilingual…sort of, except for that mistake I just made or that one word I don’t understand” I started committing to reading a 40-page French newspaper daily and started this past Sunday. The first day was amazing! The second day was pretty good, I just was moving too slowly for me. I still haven’t achieved the result of finishing a paper for the day, but I’m moving into higher and higher comprehension and fluidity in reusing what I review. However, this week I binged at night while reading the paper and yesterday afternoon I had four cups of coffee, when I did not have a specific plan for coffee that day. I have been using last month and this month to overcome my addiction to coffee and overeating tendencies. As soon as I moved in the direction of my new identity, I lost all my momentum on releasing my buffers, the very process that got me to consider becoming who I want to be. How can I untangle this knot? Thanks in advance, I love all the value you put into the world, and you teach me how to show up for my life!