New belief about debt

I realize debt is neutral and I get to decide what I think about it. In the past it has been that debt is bad and I have screwed up if I have debt.

I choosing to now believe debt is amazing. I am thankful for debt because it allowed me to buy a house to raise my family, to give us access to funds in case of an emergency, to purchase our dream kitchen. It has a low interest rate and I can pay it back over a long period of time which allows me to still live a rich life.

This feels so good to me to believe this way. But then I have a feeling of guilt and shame and thoughts of “what’s wrong with you, why are you being so easy on yourself, you should be mad at yourself, you should be getting yourself in trouble, your such a liar it’s not actually good, it’s actually bad”.

Do I just notice these thoughts and allow them to flow by? Or complete models? I think I am at the place where I can notice them and move on without have to work through them.

Thank you for your input!