New Belief Around Drinking

Hi Brooke/Team
I am focusing on learning a new belief, however I do not yet believe my belief. And to be honest I haven’t agreed on what I should believe in.
Intellectually I want to believe I am a person who does not desire alcohol.
Fear motivated I want to believe a I am a weekend casual drinker.
But the weekend casual drinker does not give me the result that I want, of my impossible goal.
I have tried “I am learning to believe I am a person who has no desire for alcohol.” I have been accomplishing sooo much while maintaining my drinking, and I know that this will hold me back from attaining my impossible goal. My current habit needs to go.
C – Practicing new belief around alcohol
T – I want to believe I have no desire for alcohol
F – trepidation
So, I get that this thought is not the correct thought, and I think it is from the word want…
C – Practicing new belief around alcohol
T – I am learning to re-program my drinking habits so I can reach my impossible goal
F – Excited (with a healthy dose of anxiety)
A – stick to drinking protocol
R – rebuild neuro-pathways and build evidence to support new thought
I fully understand that it is anxiety that is driving me to strengthen my unwanted drinking habits and I am more determined to feel it relating to alcohol.
I have been building my compelling reason for this and simply, drinking alcohol does not fit into my top 5 lifetime outcomes.
Is it my compelling reason that I focus on believing and then build thoughts around that to support my brain retraining?
Thank you for your thoughts!!!