New Belief Seen as a Circumstance

I was thinking about the new belief statement over the past few days and I recognize that I am becoming neutral to this belief and have began to see it more as a circumstance that is neutral. The circumstance has yet to be, but in my future self world my new career and income goal is really just where I am if I am living it, just like my current career and income is today. I am playing with this more in that I love how we can step into how does this person act and think and what are the actions that support those thoughts of the person in the circumstance. As I’ve become neutral to the belief, I’ve been struggling coming up with conflicting sentences and my thoughts are shifting into supporting sentences that move me closer to the circumstance. And I’ve even realized I’m not married to the particulars of the circumstances coming to fruition because I’m loving the journey and things I’m working on and who I’m becoming to get there. Basically it’s not about that specific belief any more.
Do I continue with this selected sentence and tweak it to get uncomfortable and find conflicting beliefs? At what point do we move on to create new beliefs that we do not currently believe or see possible?