New belief suggestion

I’m wondering which would be the most impactful for me. I want to lose 23 lbs. I have NEVER done this since I gained 10 years ago. Never. So this is scary for me to even hope for. I am not even close the the impossible goal I set since I basically buffered my way through the last month. I got a bit confused since the study hall since I seemed to get the impression that the new belief should not be “how” to get there. Here are some of my thoughts for a new belief:
1. I always follow the protocol that I choose.
2. I have fully mastered my cravings.
3. I am 120 lbs.

All three feel totally unbelievable to me now. The 3rd seems unattainable and my brain might just say “well that is so crazy don’t even bother.” The first two are more “process” oriented and I feel they are more realistic.
Would appreciate your thoughts!