New Beliefs

I am new to scholars but have experience with the model and some good background in some of the topics because I have been listening to and a member of Kara Lowenthal’s coaching community The Clutch. I wanted more and made the investment in myself to do scholars. I am working through the New Beliefs month. I am only on day 2. My new belief is I am a woman that sets goals for herself and meets them. For a massive action do I go ahead and set a goal about anything? This is something I have struggled with my entire life, in fact didn’t ever set goals for myself for years. When I have tried to set goals for myself I fail because of fear of failure and I quit which yes I know ensures failure… my thoughts create my results. Successes I have had seem to just fall in place without me setting a specific goal but those successes are small compared to what I believe I could accomplish if I was successful at setting and meeting goals. If my massive action is to set a goal shouldn’t it be simple and one I am able to meet to have some success to build upon? Or are there other things that might be better steps to take as I build this belief?