New born and new me

I have a newborn baby and feel like I’m losing my mind. Life as I know it has changed. Every day is different and I’m struggling with all the change. There’s so much crying! The baby, and me. We’re not sleeping either. I’m typically a positive and outgoing person and lately I’ve been negative and introverted. Something feels “wrong” and I realize it’s my judgment of what’s going on that’s creating that. I’ve been taking each day as it comes trying to just accept this 50% of the suck, also doing my best to focus on the parts that ARE easy and amazing cuz I realize those co-exist too right now. But I’m just feeling so depleted and wish I wasn’t. (Yes, I’ve allowed myself to just “be” depleted and this is an every day thing) So that’s why I’m writing this. I want a first step, some help, and don’t know what that should be right now. I know it’s my thoughts creating all of this. And while I could think something else, and I do at times and find relief/joy when I re-focus, I’m thinking more negatively these days in response to this chapter of life and I’m hopeful some insight from you can give me direction here. Thank you!