New Boss/letting go

I recently stepped down from position as chief of my department – this was my decision and I’m still working through whether I stepped down for the right reasons. My current issue is that I can’t stop judging the new chief and thinking that I would do things better. It doesn’t help that the members of my department still view me as the go to person and I have done a good job of not allowing myself to gossip about the new boss and I truly think it is not fair to him.

C: He sent an email saying that he would like for us to work together to make the schedule
T: That is ridiculous – it is his job to do the schedule and he won’t even do that – now it’s going to be a free for all
F: Angry, disappointed in myself for not staying chief
A: Stew in my decision, resent him and try and do the schedule myself for everyone, self appoint myself as the schedule person
R: Continue to be “acting” chief even though I’m not (and not being compensated)

T: When I was chief – I spent a lot of time and energy on the schedule – that was my decision. He has a different style which is fine
F: Curious
A: Give my schedule requests, respect him and be open to his suggestions
R: Continue to be happy with my decision not to be chief