New Business

My husband started a cleaning company and in the beginning, his idea was to have me manage it by scheduling the cleaners and coordinating. He’s a full-time real estate photographer. He said he started it all so I would have a job. (I think what the heck????)

Now that’s great in theory, but I have a 3-month-old at home and homeschooling a 7-year-old. Not to mention cleaning our own home and maintaining routine here. Mind you, this happened (cleaning biz idea) right after I decided I wanted to get back into my dreams of growing a coaching business. So I feel like he diminished my goal by “creating” a new one for me…As I had already reached out to a biz coach for help and was having it funded with family finances of course. Well, none of that happened. He funded his own idea.

Now, he’s gotten into it so fast and as far as “quality control” which I can understand because we want to back our guarantee for good work…but that involves one of us, likely me and the kids, to go right behind the cleaner to check her work.

I feel a bit resentful and angry by this because I wonder when I’m going to have the time to be the quality control person, scheduler, manager, mom, wife, all the things. It feels like a lot all at once. I have mentioned to my husband that I don’t mind helping with admin/social media/marketing and stuff work—but having to take on more responsibilities seems a bit unfair. I want to be supportive of this business because I know it could be successful but I can’t help feeling a bit hurt that he thinks I will just take over the whole thing and manage it. When I’d rather be a momma and do her own business of coaching.

There’s another way I could look at it too though. Building a different business could help establish the skills I need to get my own biz off the ground as well. But I want to make sure I don’t lose sight of what really matters most to me in the process.