New car drama

Hello coaches! I’ve had my car for about 13 years now. It’s had a lot of problems these past two years so I’m trying to prepare myself to purchase another one.

Before scholars, my reasoning (thoughts) for keeping my car this long was “I’ll just drive this car until the wheels fall off because I can’t afford the kind of car I really want”. (Around 60k)

I’ve almost shaken that thought completely because I’m self employed and honestly I can afford any car I want. That thought excites me. However, now I can’t get over these thoughts and I’m having a hard time deciphering what’s true or not true:

“People will think I’m showing off if I purchase a luxury vehicle.
I won’t be able to drive it to family gatherings without negative comments.
I shouldn’t buy this car until my business is more successful. (Successful=1 million revenue)
It’s irresponsible to have a car note when that money can be used to grow my business. (Probably the biggest one that fills me with weird guilt) “

All of these thoughts make me feel guilty. I am fearful that I will buy a new car and regret what happens next. I also fear that something tragic will happen with my business and I won’t be able to afford the car anymore.

I’m also having some unworthiness attached to the car like this is a car that “other” people drive, not people like me. Ugh. As you can see, I am making this car thing a negative experience when I feel like it should be something fun and exciting.