New Career Choices

I’ve been in the Early Childhood field for 34 years. For twenty seven of those years, I have been self employed. I really do enjoy working with children and also love being my own boss.

My husband and I are thinking about relocating to a different state and, in doing so, I am looking into doing a new career altogether. I did do a model but did not get very far with it.

C- I want a new career.
T- I don’t know which one is right for me
F- Unsure
R- back to square one

The career choices that I am interested in are Sign Language Interpreter, Life Coach, or Nutritionist. These are careers I have had interest in for quite some time, but I am uncertain which is the right one for me.

I know what needs to be done once I pick one. I know to enroll in classes at a college and be certified for the sign language interpreter. For the Life Coach I could go through the program with The Life Coach School. For the Nutritionist I have leads on which programs to contact. I don’t do anything and I think about what to do. Well, I researched out what to do after I decide. But, there aren’t any results as I can’t decide which career I should do.

Thank you.