New choices

Hey Brooke,
I was going to ask you if my new thought for the month was too big and non specific. It was supposed to be something I don’t believe now and leaves me uncomfortable when I think that thought. Right?

My sentence is: I’m capable of giving and receiving unconditional love.

I was feeling like I was believing this thought all along, until I was presented with the opportunity to practice what I’m thinking.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with my son and his family, who I’m estranged from for the last 3 years. I believe this situation is a great opportunity for grow. So I’m both excited and scared to challenge my new thoughts. I now know I’m still stuck on some of my old beliefs (the scared part of me).

When my old thoughts and feelings of blaming, shaming and thinking I’m unlovable come up, my new plans is to recognise it, and make new thought choices.
I’m practicing thinking this new thought when feeling defensive:
“That’s an interesting thought…but it’s just a thought! It’s not true,” I can say to myself “In fact, it is just as likely that I’m capable of loving them whether they love me or not.”

Old model
C: Meeting my son and family
T: I’m going to be told what I did wrong the last time I saw them and how they can only stand to see me and my husband once a year for two hours because of the way I make them feel.
F: sad, grieving, shame
A: resentment and blame them for my feelings, don’t want to see them at all.
R: don’t feel the intimacy and love l want for them

New model
C: Meeting my son and his family
T: I get to love and see my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren right now.
F: excited, loving, happy, blessed
A: Take responsibility for my feeling, no matter what happened or is said by them.
R: They can believe what ever the want, I get to believe want ever I want.
Any thoughts on these models?