New Diet and Now Obsessing Over Food

I haven’t been through your over eating courses. So, I don’t know if you talk about this information in there.

I started the AIP protocol 16 days ago. For the purpose of health and energy only. I am not trying to lose weight. I am just trying to eat better for longetivity if life AND to maximize my energy during day.

I did not obsess over food before. I just ate 2-3 meals a day and that was it. I ate okay, there was probably more sugar and breads than needed to be and not enough veggies. But, I really didn’t think about food that much.

Now I am obsessing over food I should have in the first 30 days of the protocol. I am about to start working longer hours and know I will put more stress on myself to meet my January goals on time. Usually I treat myself with a breakfast that I enjoy… coffee, bagel and cream cheese. Simple but brings be a lot of joy and I have gone back to that breakfast over and over during stressful times since I was in high school.

I now eat 3 meals a day plus snack all through it. Something I just didn’t do before. I was satisfied and full, I didn’t have to keep eating to finally get my fill or get hungry so quickly.

My question is how do I continue with this diet, I want to be healthy and have energy, yet stop thinking about food all the time? I look up recipes all day trying to see if I can make the food that I am wanting. It’s good to see that I can, but I know my time should be focused on my projects, not food. It’s a mind drain to worry/ think about something I didn’t do before.