New Employment Opportunity

My boss is leaving and is recommending me for his position. I still have to complete a hiring process. After a few meetings, I have indicated my interest in applying for this position. At first, I was excited about this position and the possibility for growth both mine, my team members, and the organization, but 36 hours later I have begun to feel anxiety, panic, worry, thoughts that I am not the right person for the job, that it will be too difficult, and that it will be too much responsibility, and that this may not be what I want.

I am having thoughts that it might be too hard, and be too much responsibility. I am not trusting myself or my decision to indicate my interest in applying. I have some self-doubt that I am not “good enough” that the boss or team don’t see me as a strong enough leader etc.

As a result, I did not sleep well, my mind running in circles, lots of feelings, I am finding it hard to stay on track with my day, I feel distracted away from my routines, etc. Someone said something to me about “not taking responsibility for my decision to say that I’m interested and another person mentioned that I am behaving as though I already have “too much responsibility” as if I already have the job.

In the past I have not pursued this level of position intentionally, telling myself that was work I wouldn’t like or something that would not be fun or too hard. I am transitioning careers and part of me feels this would be a good last year to finish my 20 + career in this field. I know it would build some new skills and I can offer new things. I see myself in the future being a coach, and working in the field of human potential globally. This job could be a stepping stone to that next career. Why so much panic, and anxiety?