New goal but not feeling good enough

I just left a position and my new job will start in the next 60 – 90 days. I planned to take the time to rejuvenate mentally, physically and spiritually.
I am thinking more and more about life coach certification with the life coach school.
But I feel I lack the confidence, the coaches I see and are coached by are so good.

C certification starts on July 7
T I would not be good enough
F inadequate
A looked at 4 part video, plan to watch 6/30 class for those with questions
Not doing – figuring out how I would pay for it
R self disappointment, lack self confidence

Actually I feel like a failure for not trying
How can I think about my circumstances in a more helpful way?
Perhaps a 6 months certification would be better. I could gain more confidence with 6 months or I will tell myself it will give me more practice and confidence. And I will manifest the funds to pay for it.

Maybe I need to work on my self confidence. I am a clinical social worker and I feel confident about my next job, but not this. I am pretty sure because I haven’t done it before I don’t have the evidence to tell myself I would be a good or effective life coach.