New Guy part 2

I’m still spinning in thoughts about this guy – How can we go from texting every day to straight up ghosting? How can i stop spinning in what went wrong?
C: Guy has not called since Sunday
T: Hes not that into me
F: rejected
A: spinning in thoughts about what could have went wrong, texted him a few times without a response, get angry, complain about him to friends “how dare he” Jump to my phone every time i get a text thinking its him. Reflect on all the good times we had leading up to not texting.
R: going in circles, feeling rejected.

C: guy has not called since Sunday
T: He did mention he hurt his back so maybe he needs to take care of that
F: neutral
A: think less that its about me – thought doesn’t affect me as much as UM – go about my day
R Neutral – hope his back is ok

So even though the second thought might not be true – i’m better off thinking it? I mean, even if your back hurts you can still text someone – we were texting every day – and now nothing –
I really want to text him ” did i do something wrong?” or something to that extent…but is that beneficial?