New Job

I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work. I worked when I first graduated but have taken the last 18 years off to raise my kids. So glad I did. Now, I’m heading back to work. I applied for a school counseling position and while I didn’t get that job, the principal offered me an Aide job working with the ISS (in school suspension) kids. I took the job and am looking at it as an opportunity to get my foot in the door, learn and even create a positive ISS program (they said it hasn’t really been effective before.) I just started last week and find myself thinking, this is no fun! ISS is not “supposed” to be fun so the kids don’t want to be there, so they’ll keep the rules and not want to be there. My job is to tell the kids to be quiet all day. It is the opposite of what I’d like to do (help the kids, have a good relationship with them, teach them rather than just tell them to be quiet all day).
C New Job
T This is no fun
F Frustrated, discouraged
A Shut down, not come up with ideas
R I have no fun!

C New Job
T I can create an ISS program that works
F hopeful
A google ideas, try things
R I create a program

I think I’m getting stuck a bit. I find my thoughts going to, why am I doing this job, I should do something else. I may need to start with It’s possible that I can create a positive ISS program, It’s possible that I enjoy this job. I know it’s all in how I think about it and what I want to create. I find myself thinking, what if there is another job out there that would be a better use of my time. Maybe just stop the chatter and stick with the job I have until I see what I can create? Hmm … just trying to go deeper on this. Thanks!